Frequently Asked Questions

What material can we cut?

Pretty much anything except for toughened glass. If it’s something we haven’t cut before we would normally do a test cut to make sure there won’t be any issues before proceeding with the actual job.

What thickness can we cut?

We can cut up to approx. 150mm thick but this really depends on the material being cut and the desired cut finish. Contact to discuss specific requirements

How does pricing work, do we have a per metre rate?

Pricing is job specific and goes on cutting time. Material type/thickness and design detail all play a role in determining the cut time for each job. The best way is for the client to send through an email with a drawing including over all dimensions, material type, thickness quantities and any other job specific details that will help with pricing.

How big is the machine bed?

the machine bed is 1860 x 4000 but overall cutting area is approx. 1680 x 3800

What file format is required for cutting?

The machine uses dxf files but we can convert to dxf from other formats if need be.

Does the client need to supply a cut file?

No we can provide programming services to produce cut files from samples, sketches, pdf images and templates.

Do we stock any materials?

We stock Mild steel, Aluminium and Stainless steel in most thickness’ up to about 25mm.

We are experienced in meeting custom requirements. Give us a call today for a preliminary discussion of your needs.