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Custom design and full CAD drawing services. From idea to prototyping to DXF drawing ready for cutting. Repeat order efficiency.

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We have state of the art waterjet cutting equipment which services many Auckland businesses

Auckland Waterjet Cutting was formed as an addition to the family owned and operated engineering firm Darryl Smith Stainless Fabrications which is based in Takanini and has specialized in custom sheetmetal fabrication for over 30 years.

With the recent installation of the state of the art Technijet abrasive waterjet cutter we have the ability to cut through almost any material with extreme accuracy allowing us to provide precision CNC cutting services to a wide range of industries.

Our team are not only experienced but extremely passionate about what they do. We take pride in every project and product produced for our customers.

In addition to our cutting services we employ an experienced team who provide numerous in-house value added services including design and CAD drawing. We also have the added advantage of working in conjunction with Darryl Smith Stainless Fabrications - team of fully qualified tradesmen providing full fabrication and engineering services where required.

A Large Range of Materials

We Cut:
Stainless steel, tool steel, aluminium, brass, copper, titanium, stone, wood, glass, rubber, ceramic tiles & more!

We Stock:
Stainless steel, Aluminium and mild steel in most thicknesses up to 25mm.

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What do we mean by "State of the Art" Equipment?

AWC’s premium Techni waterjet cutter provides precision CNC cutting at the highest accuracy of motion in the industry. The use of high pressure water mixed with abrasive eliminates heat allowing the cutting of almost any material without distortion or warping. This state of the art technology cuts smooth, precise edges in any two dimensional shape from DXF files. Ability to tightly nest parts helps eliminate as much wastage as possible. The final result is a satin-edged finish reducing secondary operations allowing a fast turnaround from concept to final product.

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Techni Waterjet TJ 4000-X3


  • Cutting table size: 1860 x 4000mm

  • Max material thickness: 200mm

  • Material Handling: up to 2.5 tonne

  • Standard cutting accuracy: +/- 0.1mm

  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Granite, Steel, Wood, Aluminium, Plastic, Brass, Tiles, Stone, Glass, Copper & Signboard

We work with businesses from a range of industries

food and packaging

Food & Packaging

We are fabricators of general sheet metal fabrication for food and industry stainless steel being our speciality. We can supply sink benches, wall claddings, enclosures, conveyors, transition pieces, stainless steel pipe work, chutes etc.
All can be fabricated to a food standard if required.



We are fabricators of architectural metal work. Our service can cover from design to installation if required. Our range covers balustrading handrails, wind and privacy screeens, gates, canopies, wall linings, any unusual creations. We are familiar with fabrication using architectural mesh and patterned stainless steel sheet.



We are fabricators of marine components such as grab rails, tanks in alloy and stainless steel, fridge and freezer liners, bait boards, stem fittings and exhaust risers in special grade stainless steel. We also specialize in alloy fabrication including boat repairs, modifications and fittings.



We are fabricators of custom steel work for industry, plant maintenance and new plant builds such as frames, structural posts, beams, machinery guarding, platforms, safety railings, bollards, downpipe protectors, trolleys and storage racks.

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